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Free Educational Sheet Music for Beginner & Intermediate Piano.

I am aware that files labled (Smart Music) & (Finale Viewer) no longer work on most computer systems.  I am slowly updating them to Sibelius Scorch format.

Now Playing: Flash Dance (Level 4)


These levels retlate roughly to piano teaching methods such as Alfreds, Bastien, and the new Piano Adventures Series.  Level 1a (or primer) being the 5 finger position through to level 2 with hand positions based on well known keys and chords.  These pieces are suitable for students of a TCL or ABRSM Grade 1 level.

Bach - Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring (SmartMusic)

Bach - Minuet in G (.mid)

Bach - Minuet in G (.pdf)

Bob the Builder - Can we fix it - 5 finger (Sibelius Scorch)

Bob the builder - Can we fix it? (Smart Music)

Bryan Adams - Everything I Do (5 finger) (Sibelius Scorch)

Hey Baby (5 finger) (Finale Viewer)

I'll be there for You - Theme from "Friends" (5 finger) (Sibelius Scorch)

I'll be there for you - theme from "Friends" (Smart Music)

Little Einsteins - TV Theme (5 finger/Primer Level) (Sibelius Scorch)

My Favourite Things - from "The Sound of Music" (five finger) (Sibelius Scorch)

Oom-Pah-Pah - from "Oliver" (Smart Music)

Over the Rainbow - from "The Wizard of Oz" (5 finger) (Sibelius Scorch)

Part of Your World - from "The Little Mermaid" (Finale Viewer)

Pirates of the Caribbean (5 finger) (Sibelius Scorch)

Pirates of the Caribbean Medley (Level 1) (Sibelius Scorch)

Pokemon theme (5 finger) (Finale Viewer)

Postman Pat (five finger piano) (Finale Viewer)

Postman Pat (Finale Viewer)

Put a little love in your heart - Annie Lennox & Al Green (.mid)

Put a little love in your heart - Annie Lennox & Al Green (.pdf)

Rugrats theme - Step by Step lesson (.pdf)

Shrek - Fairytale (Finale Viewer)

Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton (Level 2B) (Sibelius Scorch)

Wind beneath my wings - Bette Middler (Finale Viewer)

INTERMEDIATE - Level 3 & 4 (UK Grade 2 - 3)

Ballad Pour Adeline (Sibelius Scorch)

Bob the Builder - Can we fix it? (Finale Viewer)

Bryan Adams - Everything I Do (Finale Viewer)

Flash Dance - What a Feeling (Level 4) (Sibelius Scorch)

Forrest Gump - Main Title "Feather Theme" (Finale Viewer)

In the End - Linkin Park (.mid)

In the End - Linkin Park (.pdf)

Phantom of the Opera - Andrew Lloyd Weber (.pdf)

Phantom of the Opera - Andrew Lloyd Weber (.mid)

Pink Panther (Finale Viewer)

Pokemon theme (Finale Viewer)

Theme from "Rug Rats" (.mid)

Rugrats theme (.pdf)

Shrek - Fairytale (Finale Viewer)

Summer Nights - from 'Grease' (.mid)

Summer Nights - from 'Grease' (.pdf)

Where is Love - from "Oliver" (SmartMusic)